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Brands to Follow on Instagram

brands on instagram

For brands, Instagram is gaining ground in terms of an appropriate advertising platform. The use of insider images and creative communications makes some brands more entertaining and engaging. A few brands stand above the rest in their ability to showcase personality while capturing the attention of their audience.


Red Bull

Tag line: Red Bull

Red bull has gone to lengths to deliver up close images and video to its followers. From pro surfers to break dancers, Red Bull offers the best view of extreme sports to the outside observer.



Tag line: “A 158 year-old global brand with a distinctly British attitude.”

The lush luxury label has really stepped out of the box with its Instagram feed. Continuous photos of runways, new clothing, photo shoots and other behind the scenes glimpses really make Burberry an exciting brand to follow.



Tag line: “Freshly brewed instagrams from Starbucks in Seattle, WA.”

It’s amazing the variety of images and video you get from the people behind the Starbucks Instagram. This stream has a very warm community feel to it – like you would find at a coffee house.



Tag line: “Just Do It.”

Like Red Bull, the Nike Feed offers followers a look at the sports world that many never see. Nike gives an almost thematic viewpoint of sporting that’s unique and certainly worth following.


Taco Bell

Tag line: “Live Mas.”

With a mixture of candid and posed shots, Taco Bell’s followers are treated to fun images featuring their favorite food group.


Top Shop

Tag line: “Topshop is the ultimate fashion fix! Here, you’ll find what we love. . . “

This clothing brand gives snapshots of it’s youthful personality by featuring models acting silly and tending fashion. Top Shop has made a name for itself with a younger free age group and they really use Instagram to the best effect.



Tag line: “Grab a Sharpie & Start Something.”

The technicolor rainbow is alive and active on the Sharpie Instagram feed. It’s filled with fan-submitted, Sharpie-drawn images. It’s always worth taking a look and follow this brand.


National Geographic

Tag line: “Official Instagram feed of National Geographic.”

Predictably National Geographic’s Instagram feed is filled with epic photos of wildlife and landscapes. Nonetheless the images are magnificent and inspiring.


Forever 21

Tag line: “Wear it. Share it. #F21xMe”

Pulling from the popularity of websites like Pokyvore and Pinterest, Forever 21 has created a mixture of “get this look,” and meme-like pictures.


E! Online

Tag line: “The Latest entertainment news and celeb gossip!”

The epitome of popular culture entertainment keeps followers up to date the breaking news beat. Sharing celeb candids, behind the scene pics from the sets, and top news images.


The Ellen Show

Tag line: “Ellen:

This famous funny lady’s Instgram feed draws you in the same way her talk show draws in the viewers with its uncharacteristic humanity and unending energy. The show itself offers great moments with interviews and funny skits that make up




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